Friday, August 01, 2008

What's Going Down on August

July's gone, August's come. So much has passed, yet so much more to come.

First of all, my birthday's coming up on August 4th. Not much to expect, birthday's never really special for me. I'm gonna turn 20 this year, and I hope my twenties is gonna be a hell lot of fun. Though sometimes I feel that I could've and should've been or done what I want to, I'm still very much happy with how my life turns out. Hopefully in the next period of my life, I can be a better man than I am.

Second, my (or I should say, our) green table (??? is that a word? lol... it means, our thesis presentation) is coming up, my friends' on 6th, 7th, and 11th, while mine is on 15th. I'm a little bit worried about it, because I've never been good at talking in front of people. I just hope I don't look really nervous in front of the testers, since it will reduce my score, :)

Third, English Premier League will start again on 16th August. I still don't know whether Indonesia TV stations will broadcast the matches or not, though I really hope one of them will, it doesn't matter live or recorded, it's better than nothing. This season, I would like Manchester United to win the title again, since it could very well be one of the two last years that Paul Scholes will play before he retires. I still don't know what to do when he does, I may not even support Man United anymore (just kidding, but it's a possibility...who knows?)

Lastly, I really really want to buy a PSP in the near future. It could be this month, next month, or the month after the next. I'm really looking forward to playing all the RPGs in PSP, since my Nintendo DS doesn't really have a lot of quality RPGs. Though I'm still not sure how to manage my time to play both NDS and PSP. I think that's one of my big concerns when I consider to buy a PSP since both consoles have really good games in the up and coming 6 months.

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Hi Hanson,
Happy B'lated B'day

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