Friday, July 25, 2008

Mcfly 4th Album - Radio:Active

Given away for free with copies of The Mail on Sunday on July 20, 2008, Radio:Active is the fourth studio album, the first released under their new, self created label, Super Records, for the British band, with a deluxe edition of the album available in shops in September 22, 2008, that will include four extra songs, a bonus DVD and a 32-page booklet.

Track List:
1. "Do Ya" - 2:53 (Written By T.Fletcher, D.Poynter, J.Bourne)
2. "Falling In Love" - 4:26 (Written By D.Jones, T.Fletcher, J.Perry)
3. "Everybody Knows" - 3:15 (Written By T.Fletcher, D.Poynter, J.Bourne)
4. "Smile" - 3:18 (Written By D.Jones, T.Fletcher, J.Perry)
5. "One for the Radio" - 3:06 (Written By T.Fletcher)
6. "POV" - 3:53 (Written By T.Fletcher)
7. "Corrupted" - 3:39 (Written By T.Fletcher, L.Christy, G.Edwards, S.Spock)
8. "The Heart Never Lies" - 3:26 (Written By T.Fletcher)
9. "Going Through The Motions" - 3:25 (Written By T.Fletcher, D.Jones, D.Poynter)
10. "The Last Song" - 4:51 (Written By T.Fletcher, D.Jones, D.Poynter)

My Review:
The first time I heard that Mcfly decided to seperate from Island Records and release their new material under their own label, I was kind of worried because going indie sometimes is very challenging for artists, the latest victim is Ryan Cabrera, whose new album fails to make any impact despite the quite good quality.

However, after listening to their first single, One For The Radio, I am quite confident that the decision of going indie will not kill this band. And it is proven by the fact that the single went to debut on No. 2 in UK chart, a very good achievement I should say for an independent release.

After listening to the whole album, I have to say that although the sound is heavier, it still sounds similiar to their previous albums, which is good and bad. Good because you really don't want to listen to Mcfly doing R&B or Hip Hop, for example. Bad because though some tracks stand out, Motion in The Ocean and Wonderland still comes out on top compared to Radio:Active.

The tracklist is also quite similar to previous albums. The first track, Do Ya, is a catchy track with a simple and repetitive lyric that slightly reminds me of Star Girl. Falling In Love is one of my favorites, a laid back track that sounds quite new compared to what they've been doing, though the pre-chorus somehow reminds me of one of their songs in previous albums, I don't remember the I remember, The Way You Make Me Feel from Mcfly The Greatest Hits. Compare the line in Falling In Love "Out of our minds and out of time" with the bridge after the second chorus in The Way You Make Me Feel, "Look at us now...". Very similar, if not identical. Not that I mind...

Everybody Knows feels like Sorry's Not Good Enough, Smile reminds me of Please, Please (with the repeated words of Smile, Smile, Smile), though the lyric is very constructive and easy to relate to.

One For The Radio and POV are my favorite tracks. I thought POV would be a hard track, but it turns out to be the Bubble Wrap or She Falls Asleep type, although the chorus is rockier than those two.

I expect a new version of The Heart Never Lies, but it turns out to be the original version. And The Last Song is a VERY VERY good song. Starts out slow, but suddenly builds up to uptempo rock track, reminds me of Don't Stop Me Now, but better! Although I'm quite worried with the lyric below:

If this is the last song I ever sing
Then I’m giving it everything
I’m giving it all
If this is the last song I ever play
Then I guess its time to take my curtain call

Does this mean that they are prepared for the worst if this album doesn't work? Hopefully the album doesn't flop because this is actually a good album, although not their best.

Final Score: 3.5/5
Outstanding Tracks: Falling In Love, One For The Radio, POV, The Last Song


Anonymous said...

I thought they improved lyrically, musically, and vocally. I didn't think their last three albums had much "mmph" in it, but this surprised me. It changed my perspective on how to judge this band.

Hendra said...

True, lyrically, they are free to write whatever they want, which they couldn't in their previous albums since the record company had control of them.

Songs like POV (hatred of ex-girlfriend), Corrupted, and One For The Radio would not be accepted if they stayed at Island Records.

Tom Fletcher seems to be incapable of writing songs that are not catchy and melodic. I really envy him...

For me, Motion in The Ocean is still their best (and their lowest in terms of sales, sigh...) while She Falls Asleep (from Wonderland album) is still their best track to date. What's yours?