Thursday, July 17, 2008

Music of The Month

Lately I've been listening to lots of genres of music I've never heard before. And I have to admit, they are really really good, which I didn't expect before.

The first name that comes to mind as the contender of my artist of the month is Jesse Mccartney. His new album, Departure, while hasn't been very successful, is the very definition of evolution. His genre changes. From pop rock like in his previous albums to R&B and Hip Hop. Quite similiar to Justin Timberlake, yet very different. You have to give this man thumbs up for what he's done in his music.

The second name, OneRepublic. As big as they were in MySpace, I had never heard their name. Strange, huh? Not until they made appearance in one of American Idol show that I finally got into them. Instantly, their music becomes the soundtrack of the month for me. It never draws boredom to listen to their songs.

Third, Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz OST. Although they both are soundtracks and most of the tracks are only music, the albums are unexpectedly very good. I like Shaun of The Dead (SoTD) OST more than Hot Fuzz, since SoTD OST has lots of varieties in the OST and really blends into the movie. I can imagine the scene of the movie when listening to the songs. Not to mention the bits of dialogues cleverly inserted into the tracks. Not to say that Hot Fuzz OST is bad, it's just the soundtrack mostly consists of rock numbers that I think one and the other songs are similiar.

Fourth, another soundtrack. Now, it's a game OST, no, two games. One is The World Ends With You OST, that consists of J-Rocks. I had never really liked J-rocks, but the OST is really good. It grows on me the more I listen to it. The second is quite old, but remains a true classic legend. Chrono Cross OST. Not even Final Fantasy OST can beat 60 tracks or so of this soundtrack.

There, those are the music I'm listening to for this month. Of course, I listen to other songs as well, but those above are the most worth noting. I'm looking forward to Mcfly's and David Cook's new album.

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