Thursday, August 28, 2008


For almost two weeks, I got disconnected from internet. Yeah, I did. The Internet in my office was down for about 10 days, leaving us, web designers and programmers, confused and didn't have a lot to do. My resolution to post at least once in 1 week got distracted too.

I don't really have a lot to say in this post, besides that I'm officially disconnected (wow, I used the word a lot, lol) from Manchester United matches in EPL (and probably FA Cup too) this season because EPL isn't on free TV anymore. And it is quite expensive to install Aora TV (the one with the exclusive rights to air EPL), 1,7 million rupiahs in 1 year might seem a bargain deal (only about Rp 150.000 a month), but considering it has to be paid up front, it's a lot of money, and I can't afford that, even for me to watch my favorite player play his two last seasons of football. Sorry, Paul... But I will always follow the result and news and highlights and anything other than the live matches, so I won't be really out of date about EPL and MU especially.

I uploaded quite a few songs in my 4shared account, which you can find here. Feel free to download those songs, just give me a feedback if you like them. As I said, I might post other songs.

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Anonymous said...

i experimented with bloging and I like it so you should keep bloging its cool to express your opinions