Monday, April 21, 2008

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney So Far...

So far, I've completed the first 2 cases and am halfway on the third case. All I can say about the game is, there are parts better than the Phoenix Wright series, and there are parts worse.

Let's start with the better parts. First, the graphics are far better than Phoenix Wright series, although still ordinary for current technology. There are now FMVs and animations that are very rare in PW series, and they look good.

Second, our rival prosecutor, Klavier Gavin, IMHO, is better than Miles Edgeworth in Phoenix Wright. Edgeworth is a great character, however since he's gone through his 'nightmare' in PW series, he becomes ordinary for me. While, Gavin, although it's still the second case I've seen him, I think he's a great character already and I think there are still secrets hidden in him. I'm looking forward to the fourth case already.

While the worse parts. Apollo, for me, is worse than Phoenix, in terms of charm, humor, and depth in character. While we know how Phoenix started to become a lawyer, Apollo still has not given an explanation about it yet. To make it worse, the Percieve system does not make sense. How can the habit only he can see when someone's lying be accepted in court? I mean, it's not a definitive proof and no one else can see it, but the witness (and the judge and prosecutor) just accepts it that the witness is lying. Phoenix Wright's Magatama is far better because we unlock people's secrets by showing them evidences.

Well, it's still early to decide that Apollo Justice is a worse version of Ace Attorney. It's still his debut game, by the way. And no matter what, Ace Attorney series never seem to disappoint me, so I still give this game a 9/10 rating.

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