Friday, May 04, 2007

Manchester United's dream of treble is crushed by Milan

Manchester United was crushed 0-3 by Milan in San Siro Thursday, May 3, 2007, thus ending their treble dream. It was again Kaka, who scored two goals at Old Trafford, that once again inspired his team to win the match. He scored a goal, thanks to poor defending by Man Utd's backs, in 11th minute. And Clarence Seedorf put United's dream to an end by scoring at the similiar spot as Kaka's goal, and once again thanks to laughable defence, in 30rd minute.

United tried to fight back after the break although it was all in vain thanks to great defending performance by Milan. They never really tried Dida's goalkeeping ability and Ronaldo was completely nullified by Gattuso. Everytime he got the ball, Rhino was already there to charge at him, making him the least effective player at United's side. United's fightback was ended by Gillardino who just come on from bench.

For me, this performance is by far the worst this season. Not just they conceded 3 goals (the first time this season), but also their attacking pattern has been recognized. Although I think United's style of playing is ineffective against Milan's slow and controlled play, they shouldn't play this bad. Especially Ronaldo, who's just been crowned three Best Player award. For his standard, this performance is unthinkable.

The best performer for United I think is Paul Scholes. He didn't give away the ball easily, unfortunately all his teammates didn't play like he. Even Carrick, whom I really expect to shine this season, was too groggy and giving away passes too cheaply.

Double is still on for United, with Premiership and FA Cup final showdown is against Chelsea.

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